The Wanderer

The Wanderer was originally in the general workboat fleet of the Canal and River Trust, and its predecessor British Waterways where it s name was Pennine.  After many years of use it was laid up until selected for use as the Worcestershire Community Work Boat.

It needed a bit of work before it could fulfil its new role, not least of which was the fitting of a new bottom.  The boat was cut in half horizontally and a whole new bottom section was welded in place.  After a little more work to bring the boat up to scratch and a repaint into some unique working boat colours the boat was relaunched in May 2015.















The restoration work was managed by the Canal and River Trust with funding from players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

The boat’s name, the Wanderer, was officially revealed at a ceremony at Worcester Commandery on July 1 2016, after local school children were invited to submit suggestions as part of a competition. 

The Canal and River Trust own the Wanderer and undertake any necessary maintenance and it is managed by the community groups who use the boat and is crewed by volunteers.

It is now regulary out on our canals doing a range of tasks.  These include clearing vegetation, especially on the non-towpath side, removing rubbish from the canals, supporting the painting of canal-side artwork to brighten up our urban areas, supporting urgent maintenance and clear-up activities, and undertaking surveys along the canal.


1 - Getting to grips

2 - Clearing the trees 1

3 - Clearing the trees 2

4 - Some of the rubbish we've found

5  - Even a motor scooter

6 - Underneath the arches

7 - The final result

8 - A spot of gardening

9 -Getting to the litter pick

10 - The picking team

11 - Getting to grips with the rubbish in Worcester

12 - Ready for the day

13 - You can't be too young to help

14 - Mooring up

Rebuilding Wanderer - click a picture to enlarge

Wanderer on duty - click a picture to enlarge




Worcestershire Community Work Boat

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